Denali Sox

Barking Human

Denali Sox is a five-year-old Boxer who loves all things food. She works tirelessly to acquire new and exciting meals, despite her incessant allergies. She is both well respected and loved in her community. She has, on more than one occasion been referred to as the cutest member of Allamar, but would never admit to it (because she doesn't have lips).

Her jowly appearance makes drinking water an entertaining experience for anyone lucky enough to see it, and despite having a nub for a tail, when excited can virtually lift off the ground with the speed with which it spins around.

Hobbies include, but are not limited to:
Eating, snorting and other pig noises, chasing anything that moves, boxing, licking people's faces, eating more, hiding rawhide treats in precarious places, and the occasional cigar.

A word from Denali

"Woof! That is all."


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