1-black_widow.jpg 2-texture-background.jpg 3-main-subject.jpg 4-main-subject-2.jpg 5-junkyard.jpg

    Black Widow Poster Design

    By Robert Grey

    This project was originally designed as an homage to my personal favorite designer and good friend, Benny Yarnell. His work is categorically different from my own, but awe-inspiring nonetheless. I've had the great pleasure of working with Benny in the past, and after seeing a design he had created for a band, I was compelled to put together this piece of work.

    Design Details

    I began by creating the background of the image, putting together textures that would coincide nicely with what I had imagined the end result to be. If you cycle through the images in this project, you'll see that the first image is what I used as my texture base.

    Once I have a solid foundation to work with, I'm able to manipulate all subsequent imagery so everything fits nicely together. I already had a vision of what this project was going to become, so in this instance, the project came together quite quickly.

    The next step was to use a suitable image for the main subject in the piece. The subject that I chose, (shown in the second image in this project) was cut off on the top and bottom of the picture, which meant I was going to be doing a lot of drawing and color matching (which wasn't difficult in this instance since I was going for high contrast, meaning true blacks and whites).

    After drawing in a bit of her dress and some hair, shown in the third image in this project, I began searching through pictures of junkyards that would provide some interesting shapes that would later be incorporated into the final image. The image that I ended up settling on, is the fourth image in this project.

    After altering the picture and adding it to the subject, I made some final tweaks, adding an image of a crow to the subject's hand as well as a few other embellishments.


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