By Robert Grey

    Gallerie is a small French art gallery that focusses primarily on sculpture art. This small gallery has some of the most amazing pieces of work I've personally ever seen.

    Logo Details

    When I was approached to create a logo for Gallerie, I was asked to create a vexel-looking logo based on a specific famous sculpture, that I wish I could remember the name of. This was one of the only projects I've ever done where I was almost required to use the "Image Trace" feature in Illustrator. Normally I run screaming for the hills when designers talk about this feature, but in this instance, I was asked for something specific and wanted to make sure I delivered.

    The font used is Moshik Nadav's Paris Pro. I used this font for a multitude of reasons. The first being its undeniable elegance, which I thought truly exemplified what it was that Gallerie was striving for. It didn't hurt that the name of the font was Paris Pro; I mean, how much more French can you get?


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