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Search Optimization

Search Engine Optimization done right is all about sending web searchers to your site instead of your competitors. The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is precious real estate indeed; ranking #1 for the right keyword can mean thousands of monthly customers who are already primed to buy and are just deciding where they'll spend their money.

Competitive Analysis

"Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster." - Sun Tzu

No company operates in a vacuum, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of other companies competing to be rank #1. Allamar’s SEO approach is unique. We do exhaustive research on your competition to see if they're ranking above your company and how they're doing it. We then use that information to surpass them.

The best SEO plan is aware of the hundreds of factors that go into ranking a website, and no two sites are SEO’ed the same way. By exploiting the differences in SEO strategies between the top ranked sites, we're able to surpass your competition in ranking. It's our willingness to learn more and do more that sets us apart.

Keyword Research

Search is still all about keywords. Allamar’s SEO program digs deep to find the most important search phrases to distinguish between informational (learning) keywords and (transactional) (buying) keywords. However, keywords are not enough. Words are part of language, and as the search engines get smarter we need to think in terms of “natural language” and go from keyword targeting to natural language, conversational SEO.

Let’s be honest; it’s naive to think that your five page website will rank higher than your fifty page competitor’s website. SEO 101 is all about making a larger, richer web experience that the search engines (and your visitors) will deem beneficial.

Website Optimization

Most websites fail in sending the right signals to the search engines. By tending to the technical elements of your pages, we make sure the search engines know there's no question at all what your website or any particular page are about.

Relevant Link Building

Gone are the days of spammy link building tactics that lead to quick (and fleeting) success. Getting listed in relevant business directories and other locations online where people are actually talking about your industry is the future of link building.

Social Media Management

Ignore Social at your own peril. Plenty of companies know Social media management is important, few know how important; even fewer can measure it’s true value. Real Social Media is about creating, gathering, and cultivating an online community of raving fans for your brand. Allamar’s Social Program creates and enhances your social presence, and turns fans into real customers. Social Media isn’t just about fans. Results-oriented Social Media isn’t a megaphone; it’s a conversation. Allamar’s Social Media Management is all about generating brand loyalty, building relationships, and leveraging social media as the new word-of-mouth channel.

We go to great lengths to understand who is talking about you, what they're saying, and how you can use what we learn, to generate sales, serve your customers better, and revitalize your operation.


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