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The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.

The number one rule of branding? “Know thy self!” Sounds simple enough and yet it is one of the most difficult things for organizations to master. To do it well, leaders must fully understand the organization’s vision, mission, and goals. This knowledge forms the foundation for compelling stories and narratives about the business. But to have a strong foundation, you must have a plan. Our strategist will help you create a strategy that define your brand and captivate customers. It all starts with a plan for communicating value

If you’re wondering why your message is unclear, or your questioning the solidity of your branding, then stop wondering; it’s time to make changes. You don’t have to use Allamar if you’re concerned this is a biased statement.

The fact is this, if your concerned for any reason your message is failing to reach the right people, or it’s unclear, then the likelihood is your instincts are dead on.

Branding, in a designer’s mind starts with your logo, or brand mark. This is sometimes true, but not a written rule. In point of fact, the place to start, as far as Allamar is concerned, is with your messaging. Who are you trying to speak to? Who do you want as a customer? Who don’t you want?

To some people these questions are tough to answer, either because they’re afraid that if they’re targeting a specific market, they’re going to be missing out on clients and the subsequent money they bring. To those people, I pose this question, do Apple, Starbucks or Nike have a specific following/demographic? And I know, you’re going to say something to the tune of, “but we’re not as big as those companies… Blah blah blah.” No, you’re not, but does that mean that you should ignore the principals and logic that those companies use because you’re not as fruitful? Hell no!

This is where Allamar is here to help. We want you to be successful, if for no other reason than what makes you look good, makes us look good too. Let us work with you to come up with your messaging and your ideal demographics, then we’ll talk about the rest of branding.

The Rest of Branding: This isn’t going to be a comprehensive list of what we can do, let’s pretend we can do everything, and if we come across something that we cannot do, we’ll tell you… Then we’ll learn how to do it and come back to you. What our aim here is, is to manage your brand, help you move forward, if that means that you need a new logo, then that’s what we’ll suggest. If you need collateral materials like brochures, business cards, banners etc., then we’ll suggest that. If you’re strictly web-based and need online branding, then we’ll aim our efforts there.

Ultimately we’re not here to blow smoke, we’re here to help. If it means we have to drag you kicking and screaming across the finish line, then that’s what we’ll do. Because ultimately our neck is on the line every time we create a logo, a website, help with branding or whatever it is we take on.


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