Robert Grey

Design Human

Robert is the creative visionary behind Allamar and either personally designs or oversees all creative processes. Robert has leveraged his decade-plus experience to lead Allamar through a variety of design projects, serving clients both small and large. His tireless work ethic and precision render him invaluable to the Allamar organization. Though he is recognized as a master of digital arts, Robert also integrates his training with more traditional forms to create fully embodied and unmatched design experiences.

Robert has always been passionate about design, he began his career as an eager designer at CO3 Entertainment and is now a renowned and award winning designer. Over the past decade , Robert has created promotional materials and website designs for clients all over the globe, working with clients ranging from NBA athletes to R&B moguls. More important to Robert than all of the accolades, are the brigades of satisfied clients proudly embodying the brands that Robert helped them create.


"I never considered myself to be the best at what I do, that illusion is reserved for those who don't want to work tirelessly to get better. I'm a self proclaimed workaholic because the design world as we know it changes so quickly I don't want to be left behind. I want to create something amazing every time I sit down behind my computer. I never want to stop progressing. Design isn't about surpassing the competition per se, it's about surpassing your own personal expectations."


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