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So you've decided to go searching for a website design and development firm and you're feeling nervous that you're going to make the wrong decision and waste a lot of money in the process. First thing you should know is, "that's normal." Second thing you should know... "You should be nervous." The fact is, if you want to find a great website design and development team, forget the needle in a haystack analogy, you're searching for diamond on a ski slope. So below, I've gone ahead and listed a few things that you should be aware of in an attempt to guide you through the process.

What to expect: Budget: 10-20K. This may sound like a lot, but it's realistic for quality website creation. There are plenty of cheap services out there that may be sufficient for your needs, but many times you're paying for inferior services. You could be thinking... "Yeah, but you're biased." Fair enough, below are some of Allamar's direct competitors. Our competitors are incredibly talented firms, no doubt about it. If you feel that they're a better alternative for your company, by all means...

Legwork Studio Fusion Box Big Orange Planet

The fact of the matter is that website creation is incredibly difficult, time consuming and takes a group of brilliant minds working together to complete every project.

Q: But Robert, my cousin's brother's great-aunt's next-door-neighbor says he can make me an HTML website in a week for like 300 bucks.

A: Go for it. That guy's probably also really good at: PHP, Javascript, MySQL, image research, On Page/off page SEO tactics, Cross-browser compatibility integration, Proper link structuring, UX, UI, Web Application Security, Version Control, Server Configuration, CMS design and implementation, and a myriad of other components necessary to create a website that actually attracts traffic to it right?

We're Here to Solve a Problem.

Allamar is here to solve your company's problem. Currently your problem is that you don't have a great website, or your website doesn't exist yet. We are here to remedy that. However, there are some things that you need to know.

We understand that you have ideas as to how things should potentially look or work on your website... But, I would be remiss if I didn't inform you now, that we are here to do the best job for you, and that doesn't always mean implementing your ideas. We will absolutely listen to everything that you say, we will discuss with you the way we believe said idea should be implemented in order to best suit you. That said, should you enlist Allamar, you are doing so because you want our expertise and knowhow.

You need to trust us. I don't know how many times I have had to say, "my ass is on the line too." If your website sucks, it's our fault, and I'm guessing that you'll never recommend us... Right? We're a small company, we rely on our flawless track record and your referrals to keep us at number one. You need to believe us when we tell you that our ideas are going to work and that we're going to take care of you. You also need to believe us if we tell you that your ideas suck, and here's a better way.

Timeline: (1-3 Months). If you want a site done well, you better believe it's going to take us some time. We don't crank out site after site using the same template every time... Everything is planned out; every color, line, corner radius, picture, font, transition, link and position is systematically planned out to work for you rather than against you. This takes time, be prepared.

Why am I Telling You This: This information isn't exactly floating around in places that are easy to find. The fact is, I'm confident in Allamar, so I have no problem being up front and honest with you. This is precisely what you can expect if you enlist our services.


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