Main Attraction Music

    By Robert Grey

    Main Attraction Music is a Denver-based music production house that focusses primarily on young up-and-coming pop artists. Some of their artists have been featured on shows like Good Morning America and VH1.

    Logo Details

    When I was approached to create the logo design for Main Attraction, I was asked to put together a vintage insignia that incorporated a very specific type of microphone. As much as I, like any designer love being pointed in a specific direction, it can be a double-edged-sword sometimes. The microphone that was required to be incorporated was fairly convoluted in design. In this instance, I was put in a position where creating a drilled down, logo version of the microphone was not going to be acceptable.

    As many designers will attest, using the Adobe Illustrator "Image Trace" feature, wherein an image can be turned into vector paths, is fairly frowned upon for logo design. For this reason, I strayed away, but knew that I was going to be drawing a fairly complex object that needed to be detailed enough that it was both recognizable, but still fell inside the bounds of modern logo design standards. A lot of little holes and some creative, one color shading went into drawing the microphone, at which point the rest of the logo revolved around creating a vintage insignia as per the client's request.

    I wanted to make the emblem round, so that when all was said and done, it would look like it belonged in the center of a record.


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