Mickie Hendrixx

    By Robert Grey

    Mickie Hendrixx is an extremely talented DJ from California that I've personally had the great pleasure of working with in the past. His passion for music is virtually incomprehensible and entirely undeniable. When Mickie asked me to design his logo, I couldn't help but be flattered.

    Logo Details

    Some of the logo design projects that I have taken on in the past have taken weeks to conceptualize and put together. Mickie's on the other hand was very quick to come to fruition. Mickie is a very straight-forward kind of guy, his thick sound and heavy bass kicks were the inspiration for this logo design. The fact that Mickie's last name has two x's in it, is unique enough that I wanted to use that as a focal point. However, I didn't want to focus entirely on that, I wanted to also use the initial of his first name in the design as well; a little bit of letter-play if you will. If you look at the center mark of the logo, you'll notice that it can be viewed as either an "M" or two "X's."

    The font used, is a modified version of House Industry's, Knockout. The typeface was modified such that there would be no rounded edges. As beautiful as the Knockout font is, I didn't want to contrast the hard edges of the mark by using the rounded edges.


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